Member meeting recap: Who knew dairy farming was so fascinating?

Thanks so much to the scores of you who came out last night for our fall member meeting! Hope you went home with full bellies and full minds. I know I enjoyed hearing from Organic Valley dairyman Jon Bansen about his farm and cows and family. The amount of effort the Organic Valley co-op puts into raising healthy herds makes me proud to be a customer. One man in the audience mistakenly called them "Healthy Valley" during the Q&A session. That actually sums them up quite well!

Here are some photos from the night: 

                                       Jill (white shirt) rallying the troops, who hailed from every PCC location

                         The seasonal menu, created by executive chef Blake Caldwell, deli coordinator at PCC Kirkland,

                                                 Birgitte Antonson and Alex George from PCC Edmonds

                                    So satisfying. And, such diversity of nutrients boosts the immune system

                                          PCC Board chair Stephen Tan addresses a packed St. Demetrios Hall

Highlights of what we learned:

  • PCC's sales are holding steady in this economy, says CEO Tracy Wolpert (thanks to all of you!). Look for holiday coupons in the coming weeks, and don't forget to Eat Local for Thanksgiving.
  • Nutrition Educator Leika Suzumura suggested we use the acronym ACES (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Selenium) at each meal to ensure we're nourishing ourselves properly. And during this cold and flu season, yo load up on pumpkin seeds, butternut squash and mushrooms for Zinc, which helps activate cells and keeps our bodies running at full speed
  • The PCC Farmland Trust announced a great matching donation program (a gift idea for the person who has everything and wants to protect organic farmland from development, forever). I will update this blog with details as I get them.
  • Organic Valley is the nation's largest organic farmers cooperative, with 1,398 family farms and growing that produce milk, orange juice, meats, produce and more. Jon Bansen's favorite cow is named Rosie (each of his cows on his Oregon farm are named rather than numbered). He exorted us to put the "culture" back in agriculture, to farm with biology in mind rather than chemistry. "You can't cheat nature," he said. "Nature always wins in the end." 

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