Meet the farmers: Organic Valley dairymen at PCC Redmond Wednesday, Oct. 28

Heading to my first PCC member meeting tonight. Have you seen the menu? Blake Caldwell, our deli coordinator at PCC Kirkland is doing the honors as executive chef tonight. Mmm, mmm good.

<<Jon Bansen, an Oregon dairy farmer, Organic Valley co-op member

But I'm most excited to learn more about the organic dairy industry, and Organic Valley in particular (Jon Bansen, a third-generation dairy farmer from Oregon, is tonight's featured speaker). OV is a co-op, just like us, though on a much larger scale. It started out with seven family farms back in 1988 and now counts nearly 1,400 family farms among its ranks, producing a delicious range of milks, cheeses, creams, meats and more.

There's another chance to catch Jon and fellow dairyman Andrew Dykstra -- 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at PCC Redmond Wednesday, Oct. 28. Pop on by, ask them all you've ever wanted to know about organic dairy, pick up some recipes and treat your kids to a visit to the Kid Picks Mobile! 


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