The weight of PCC Redmond's Halloween pumpkin? An offensive lineman, give or take a few pounds

Four hundred men, women and children entered PCC Redmond's Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin contest. They rocked the orange sphere to and fro, eyed it from all directions, thumped it with their fists. Meet the winner (to the right), smiling big for the camera.

He guessed 367 pounds. Actual weight of that mega squash? 366!

It took four strapping young men to hoist the great pumpkin (the prize for guessing correctly) into the back of the family's Honda minivan says Celeste, the store director. Looks like someone will be toasting a lot of pumpkin seeds in the near future.

In other PCC news, we had a strong turnout for and a great discussion following "The World According to Monsanto" Sunday night at PCC Edmonds, part of our Movies With a Message series. Hope to see you next month for "King Corn"!


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