PCC Podcasts: Get to know Becky Selengut, chef, author, blogger and PCC Cooks instructor

After work a recent crazy Tuesday, I found myself at peace in a classroom high above Greenlake PCC, dicing onions, chopping cilantro and peeling carrots as part of a fragrant PCC Cooks class called "Soup Making For Autumn." 

Chef Olaiya Land taught us to make a trio of soups and flavorful garnishes I'd proudly serve to any dinner guest. Even better, we devoured them at the end of class, despite it being nearly 80 degrees outside (fall will come soon enough, I remember thinking). I learned an easier way to chop onions and to save Parmesan rinds in the freezer to drop into my simmering soup kettle whenever I need an extra flavor boost. And, I discovered many of my classmates were PCC Cooks groupies, who consistently follow a particular instructor through each new season of classes, or who have taken classes with the Cooks program for years. Now I get it. 

The women behind our award-winning PCC Cooks program

In honor of PCC Cooks, we're starting up a new podcast series here on Stir-fry. Each month we'll bring you an interview with one of our PCC Cooks instructors that that sheds some light on how they came to love food.

We're kicking things off with Becky Selengut, a local chef, blogger, cookbook author (find the "Washington Local and Seasonal Cookbook" on our shelves at PCC) and all-around fascinating person. Find her on Twitter as @chefreinvented or at her blog.

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junk food

I'd like, for the record, to say that I've given up double stuff oreos and now favor Annie's white cheddar Bunnies, followed by a rousing box of Zours. Some things change, some things stay the same.

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