Greetings from the Ames Creek Farm tour!

I made the drive to Carnation around lunchtime Saturday, reveling in the sun soaking we received this weekend as the strip malls gave way to evergreens and then glacial valleys. Was it just me, or did the sun seem to saturate any exposed surface with its vibrant glow -- a last burst of summer before fall arrives full force? In any event, what a delightful day to take in Ames Creek Farm as part of this year's farm tour.

Hayrides through fields of squash, green beans and more.

A crowd gathers for PCC Cooks demonstrations, corn on the cob and fresh produce for sale

Hogs in the sun.

Acorn squash ripening under our watch.

The view across the squash leaves.

A party ain't a party without the Kid Picks Mobile!

Delicious veggie quesadillas in-the-making by Patty Pan Grill

Ames Creek is one of three Northwest farms preserved for future agricultural use by the PCC Farmland Trust, an independent, community-supported (thanks to you!), non-profit land trust. The goal is to keep farmers farming land far into the future using sustainable, organic growing methods. 

  • The 97-acre Delta Farm in Sequim, farmed by Nash's Organic Produce
  • The 174-acre Bennington Place Farm in Walla Walla, farmed by Thundering Hooves, a grass-fed meat operation
  • The 178-acre Ames Creek farm in Carnation, farmed by Full Circle Farm, Growing Things Farm and Children's Garden Farm

It feels good knowing at least some land out there is sacred. After all, remember what it produces: 

Welcome, fall.


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