Natural relief from sinus pain

I hope your family and friends aren't suffering as much as mine. These past few weeks it seems every other person I run into is dealing with some sort of sinus pain (myself included). Maybe it's the changing seasons, or the changing pollen count. In search of some relief, I chatted with Kibby, one of our health and beauty care merchandising specialists (click here to learn more about our standards for what we stock in this department). Here are some of her suggestions: 

  • Try nasal irrigation (fun name, ancient tradition). Kibby says she know it sounds gross, but also that it really works. Rinsing the nasal passages with warm, salty water via a neti pot (that's one above) or other delivery system supports the natural cleansing function of the mucous membranes and helps clears nasal congestion and particulate matter (pollen and such) from the nose. Still nervous? Even Oprah has featured neti pots on her show.
  • PCC carries a wide range of herbs and herbal supplements called for in natural remedies long-reccomended for sinus pain. Sometimes, something as simple as a steaming cup of peppermint tea can help matters. Click here, here and here for more labor-intensive remedies. 

And, here's a handy list of natural nasal sprays and sinus-pain relief you'll find at PCC:

Hope this helps! I'm off to try some of these for myself.



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I've had bad sinus symptoms

I've had bad sinus symptoms the last week runny nose blowing it so much it's dry and hurts really got to go get something for this at least keep it moist and not hurting.

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