PCC Podcasts: How to shop for organics without breaking the bank

We're introducing a new feature to Stir-fry today: podcasts! Look for them the first Wednesday of each month as we introduce to you (or reveal more about) interesting people within our PCC community, from the diverse team of chefs within our PCC Cooks team to the men and women who grow, raise and produce your favorite products in our stores.

We're kicking off the series with Goldie Caughlan. She writes the Insights by Goldie column in each month's "Sound Consumer" newsletter, founded our award-winning PCC Cooks cooking school program and manages our nutrition education program. You may have seen her in our stores answering questions about this or that. She's a font of knowledge about all things food and nutrition related, and we're lucky to have her. In honor of National Organic Harvest Month, we ask Goldie an age-old question: How do we shop for organics without breaking the bank? 

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Hope you enjoy it! Look next month for an interview with one of your favorite PCC Cooks instructors :)

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