What makes us No. 1 in sustainable seafood, nationwide

We're still smiling about this news: Greenpeace USA has named PCC Natural Markets the #1 retailer in the United States for our sustainable seafood policies and initiatives! We received a higher rating than any other grocer in the country. How cool is that? 

 Wild Alaskan salmon. Mmm...

I've learned a few of the reasons why we're tops:

  • We were the first official retail parter of the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program back in 2004 (they're folks behind that handy dandy folding chart you'll find at our seafood departments that categorizes ocean creatures so that we know which are plentiful enough (and safe) for us to continue eating).
  • We only work with local fish suppliers who also follow Seafood Watch guidelines 
  • Our canned seafood, from salmon to clams, follows the same high standards as our fresh seafood
  • We carry only sustainable canned tuna, including Sweet Creek, Pelican's Choice Tuna Guys and Wild Planet
  • Our sushi also complies with the Seafood Watch program. We've worked closely with Southern Tsunami/AFC Sushi to source wild Alaskan salmon, real (Jonah" crab, cuttlefish, handline-caught Yellowfin tuna and capelin roe (Masago) which all are "best choices" or "good alternatives" under Seafood Watch standards. We discontinued sushi made with sea eel (wild caught in China), octopus, farmed Yellowtail tuna and shrimp not from the United States or Canada because they're not considered sustainable.

Why does this all matter? We want to enjoy the ocean's bounty while leaving some for future generations. We hope we've made it easier for you to find seafood that's not only flavorful, fresh and nutritious, but sustainable.




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