Improving school lunch (and introducing our PCC Advocates e-newsletter!)

Think back to school lunch. Did you bring yours in a brown bag? A shiny lunchbox? Or, did you buy hot lunch? I used to love the tink sound when I dropped my quarter into an old coffee can to buy a pint of milk in our cafeteria. I didn't love the nauseating aroma of fishsticks whenever they came up on the menu. 

 (found an image of one of my first lunchboxes! I also had a pink plastic Smurfette lunchbox back in the day).

I remembered all this while reading our latest e-newsletter, PCC Advocates, written by Trudy and Eli, the women behind each month's Sound Consumer. If you like staying in the know about national food and environmental policy and helping to make a difference, you should subscribe.

There are several ways you can help improve lunchtime options for kids, as this month's issue details: 

  • You can ask Congress to support healthy, sustainable school food policies by supporting Slow Food's Time for Lunch initiative
  • Sign the Center for Science in the Public Interest's petition
  • Join Food & Water Watch's campaign to rid school milk of rBGH

Now is a prime time to act, since the the Child Nutrition Act expires Sept. 30 and is up for review and reauthorization for the first time in five years. Locally, the Seattle School District has a food policy that bans soda and junk food sales and makes fresh, local, organic, non-genetically-modified, non-irradiated, unprocessed food a priority. Trudy and Eli will help connect parents who would like to take charge and work with local schools to make sure these policies are enacted. Email eli.penberthy (at) pcc.sea (dot) com, and they'll connect you.

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