Powers Winery: Every bottle sold helps preserve farmland, forever

Each day I work here it seems I stumble upon yet another good thing PCC does to help the community or environment (Look here and here and here and here for evidence). How exciting to discover that even our wine department is in on the act!


Above is one of two exclusive wines Badger Mountain Vineyards of Kennewick, Wash., produces for PCC Natural Markets under the Powers Winery label. Since May 2007, $2 from each bottle sold of the Powers Cabernet and Chardonnay goes to support  the PCC Farmland Trust. The local, nonprofit land trust uses such donations to buy organic farmland and preserve it for future generations. It's a natural partnership, as Badger Mountain Vineyard has been certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture since 1990.

Badger Mountain Vineyard

Thus far, all those bottles purchased by PCC members and shoppers over the past two years have raised nearly $40,000 to help preserve organic farmland, forever. Now that's one of the most pleasurable ways to help the environment I can imagine!

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I've had several of their wines and have found them delightful. I would never hesitate to buy a bottle. Hopefully other wineries start to adopt this level of thoughtfulness and innovation.

Powers II

Thanks for writing, Espinaca11! Yes, it's a good reminder that anyone can make a difference if they choose to.

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