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How do you organize your recipes at home? On a good day, I have file folders to hold all the pages I've ripped from magazines, notes I've scrawled on napkins and random recipe cards I've grabbed at stores. Some friends use binders, some use tin boxes and others tuck recipes hither and thither in the pantry or between the pages of dogeared cookbooks.

Organizing PCC's vast array of recipes online has turned out to be a similar process. On our end we've spent the past few months debating topics like "what makes an entree an entree?" and whether beans and grains deserve categories of their own or should get lumped together. We've scanned plenty of cooking sites for category inspiration. But perhaps the most exciting change to our database will be the ability to quickly search through all the recipes for a specific ingredient rather than combing through category by category. Look for these helpful changes in the coming months.

We've been busy bees at the co-op. Here's a recap of some of the handy functions we've added to the Web since spring: 

Not bad! Can't get too specific on dates quite yet, but just know that more good stuff is on the way.


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