"That Real Change guy" at PCC Redmond expanding his lists into a book

I'd like to introduce you to a neat person I met Monday at Tent City 4, the roving homeless camp that has settled at St. Jude's Parish in Redmond. His name is Paridon Williams, but PCC Redmond shoppers may better recognize him as the friendly man who often sells "Real Change" newspapers outside.

He volunteered to help the crew from PCC Redmond serve dinner to homeless folks Monday night. Afterward, he shared one of the many lists he's created over the years to remind shoppers and other people he encounters of 50 small ways they can help one another (and ultimately, humanity).

Here's a close-up of that list (he even has versions printed in Arabic and Chinese). "Applaud someone who is trying" really hit me. How often do we recognize the people around us for their efforts to change, or to improve themselves and their communities, to learn something new? It doesn't have to stop just because we're no longer small children.

Paridon believes in positive energy to the extent that he'll push himself to smile even when he's feeling down. Smiles are contagious, he says. Now he's putting together a book of "Paridon Williams' 50 Ways to Help Another" that will include a piece on voting written by Redmond store director Celeste Coxen and pieces written by others in the community.  

You can't hear me, but I am applauding someone who is trying.

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