PCC Reads: In Defense of Food

Happy Monday everyone! Gray days like this put me in a great mood to write, and also, to read. I found a comfy nook at home Sunday during that sudden rainstorm to finally nibble at "In Defense of Food," Michael Pollan's latest  tome that ponders modern eating.

Have you read it? Poor thing had sat on my bedside table for months, sandwiched between "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" and "Bento Box in the Heartland" for months. I've been excited to read it after Omnivore's Dilemma, which will be read en masse by incoming freshmen at Washington State University this fall. So many food books, so little time.

So I'm happy to introduce PCC Reads, what I hope can become a space for us to discuss the food/health/green/cooking/memoirs we're reading, and a space to recommend much-loved works to others. To kick this off, I'll be blogging about this latest Pollan book as I work my way through. Each month, I'll introduce another book suggested by someone in the PCC community (that could be you!). I hope you'll join in and share your valuable thoughts and life experience.

Initial thoughts on IDOF: What is food? Pollan urges us to lay off eating food with printed health claims, as that implies it likely came in a package and was processed to a certain extent. Is this too limited a view of what could constitute quality food? I sit here thinking of the soy products (with health claims) relished by my vegan sister-in-law, an incredibly conscientious eater. I'm sure he will explore these questions as I get deeper into this book. I do like his concept of considering the cooking of our grandparents when in doubt about how to eat in this time of abundance. I'm pretty familiar with all the foods from the Japanese side of my family; it's not as clear to me what my French-Canadian grandmother liked to cook. Will investigate!


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