What's In Store: Fun, BPA-free stainless steel water bottles from Vessel Drinkware

The more time I spend shopping various PCC locations, the more cute and useful items I notice tucked between the aisles (and the more cute and useful items end up tucked between all the food in my cart!). Take these little guys I recently found at PCC Fremont called Boo Boo Buddies: just the thing for sore knees after a workout or to soothe the bumps, bruises and bug bites of your little one.

Many stores, including PCC Issaquah, carry sturdy, vivacious cook and serveware from Le Creuset (these pitchers could work for iced tea, mimosas or a nice bunch of wildflowers atop your dining table):

Then my colleage Stephanie pointed out these fun stainless steel (and BPA-free) water bottles she's been ordering from Vessel Drinkware:

The patterns, like our produce section, keep changing with the seasons. Each bottle is crafted from BPA-free food-grade stainless steel, coated in food-safe paint and a variety of eye-catching designs printed with lead-free ink. Now your reusable bottle can sport images from koi and gingko leaves to argyle and dragons. Just the thing to keep your thirst slaked this summer.  

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