Why become a member? Just look at these coupons!

 I hold in my hands a most delightful surprise. Wanna see? 

It's the coupon book my colleagues in the graphics department (and many other departments) have been slaving over these past few weeks. It's quite pretty. But beyond its great aesthetics, it's abundant in deals for PCC members. To wit:

  • Coupons for 10 percent off your entire produce purchase during the month of June (yes members, you can combine this with your regular 10-percent-off coupon or on the 15th and 16th of each month to combine for an extra 5 percent off)
  • $2 off a variety of pre-seasoned meats and seafood ready to sizzle on the grill
  • $1 off those great PCC deli take-and-bake pizzas
  • Plus oodles of discounts on brands like Oogie's, Ryvita, Muir Glen, Santa Cruz Organic, Rising Moon Organics, Lakewood Organic, Wholesome Sweeteners, Kozy Shack, Theo Chocolate, So Delicious, Seventh Generation, BeeCeuticals, Avalon Organics and more!

I count more than 50 in this thing. Members also get coupon books in July and August to boot, along with the knowledge they're part owners of the cooperative. Not bad! 


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