Asparagus + kids = love at last?

As children, most of us encounter at a least a few foods we just can't handle. Ask our Kid Picks crew and they'll tell you: asparagus has made few friends among local young 'uns. Despite successes with so much other produce during Kid Picks mobile taste tests, asparagus remained a pariah. Until now...

Thom (yes, he of the chili-cheese fries fame) has alerted me that not one but TWO salads in which asparagus plays a starring role have passed the Kid Picks taste test to become kid approved. One you can find in your PCC deli: Asparagus in Black Bean Sauce. As for the other, it's PCC Cooks chef Lynne Vea's Warm Salad of Roasted Asparagus with Hazelnuts and Balsamic Vinaigrette, fresh from our annual meeting. Sadly, asparagus itself still lingers as a wallflower among other beloved produce. Perhaps trying out these salads will make your little one a convert. 

Remember that through June 15 proceeds from Kid Picks items go to support Children's Hospital via our Families Helping Families program. Here are several other recent additions to our database of 1,500-plus kid-friendly items at PCC: 

  • Annie's Naturals Lite Italian Dressing
  • Bengal Bites Multivitamin
  • Newman's Own Pretzel Rods
  • Food For Life Brown Rice Tortillas
  • Columbia Gorge Tangerine Juice

Happy eating!




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