Have you voted? Deadline is tomorrow (May 22)

It took me awhile at first to get the concept of a cooperative. I grew up thinking that all retail stores were owned by companies, backed by either private funds or the money of shareholders. Then I became an REI member in college. And then I discovered PCC. 

The more I learn about my new employer, the more there is to like. Being a member makes you a co-owner of a local institution that's been in the Puget Sound area for more than 50 years. It gives you a voice in PCC's future via whom you choose to represent you on the board of directors (vote by tomorrow at your local PCC or at the office). The larger PCC's membership, the more weight we have in requesting positive changes to food safety, food production methods, quality standards and the like from producers, Congress and local leaders. Plus, you get a monthly discount and support community farms and sustainable farming methods (plus, many, many community groups in the nine neighborhoods in which our stores operate).

Pretty nifty if I say so myself.  




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