Come grill with us!: PCC barbecues at Edmonds and Redmond

It's not truly summer until someone's firing up the grill. Notice I said "someone." To me, food often tastes even better when it's lovingly prepared by someone else ;) Luckily this summer, PCC is going to do just that with barbecues nearly every weekend at the Redmond and Edmonds stores!

The Powers That Be have dubbed this new community event Grillin' & Chillin'.

Grillin' = The sockeye salmon, burgers, veggie dogs, portobello mushrooms and Fiesta Chicken sizzling away atop those grills. Chillin' = what you'll be doing with fellow PCC fans, friends, neighbors, countrymen. Click here for schedules and to see what's cookin'. And per PCC tradition, a portion of each meal's price will go to support community groups, like the Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center and the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation.

Stop by on your way home from the ferry or hiking or biking or garage saling or stocking up at PCC! 


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