Dessert First: Montlake Mousse

First off, part of the reason I picked up this teensy container of Montlake Mousse was because of its snazzy name. Say it out loud: Montlake Mousse. Love that alliteration. But the real reason is that I adore dessert in all its forms. All-Natural Dessert, like its cousins Vegan Dessert and Gluten-Free Dessert, somehow seems less sinful to boot.

Chocolate mousse and I go way back. I remember visiting my aunts and cousins in Japan when I was, oh, six years old. To my detriment, no one told my pigtailed self "No" when I asked each of my three aunts for yet another giant bowl of chocolate mousse at the restaurant we were visiting. My mom had to give me the "everything in moderation" lecture when I summarily lost my mousse on the sidewalk shortly after (poor Mom). 

This dainty container is a shining example of moderation, a great size for after lunch or for a taste of something sweet at night. 



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