Kid Picks items = help families in need

A bell rang in my head when my friend Laura bought PCC vitamins a couple months back. 

"Dude, did you know you helped fight childhood blindness?" I asked her via Facebook.

"Oh really? That's great! No, I had no idea. I didn't see a sign or anything."

Alas, too often at PCC we neglect to let people know the big and little ways that shopping here nourishes your body *and* contributes to the community. Back when Laura bought those vitamins in March, 25 cents from each sale of vitamins and supplements went to support Vitamin Angels, a nonprofit group that aims to eliminate childhood blindness by 2020 by distributing vitamin A to kids at risk.  

In a similar vein, you've probably helped Children's Hospital this month without knowing. Through June 15 five percent of all Kid Picks purchases goes to support pediatrics at Children's as part of PCC's Families Helping Families program. Here's the essence of how Kid Picks works: Kids taste test a variety of foods and those that receive thumbs up from two-thirds of testers are flagged as Kid Picks items in our stores. Plenty of adults make a beeline for KP stuff as well (myself included). 

Here's just a handful of the 1,500-plus Kid Picks options:

Hero jam, my favorite! I recommend the strawberry.


Who doesn't love English cucumbers? So good cut into sticks for a snack with salt or a creamy dip or sliced atop salad.

How now, Brown Cow? 

I need to learn more ways to cook up polenta. It's such a pleasant comfort food.

Turkey bacon: One of life's great compromises. 

I wish I'd tried more cereal like this as a kid. Perhaps it would have diminished my sweet tooth. 

Who knew? 






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