Out and About: Video shoot with chef Lynne Vea and Ciscoe the garden guru

Lord knows we all watch enough Food Network, Top Chef and KCTS 9 food specials. And since we never can have enough food in our lives, PCC has branched out into the video world as well. The most popular of our efforts thus far is PCC Cooks instructor Lynne Vea's guest spots on KING 5's "Gardening With Ciscoe" show. I went to PCC Issaquah yesterday with a fun crew to watch it come together.

Cooking videos appear effortless on TV, but man, is that ever deceiving. Lynne says she spends about 10 hours on each two-recipe shoot, to shop, chop, style and finally, cook. Each recipe is shot twice: Once at a wide angle to capture the banter between Lynne and Ciscoe, another for tight close-ups of each step of the process to help viewers see just how it's done. That means two sets of every ingredient. Lynne is a miracle worker (and yes, Ciscoe is every bit as ebullient in person as he is on TV).

On the menu: French Roasted Potato Salad With Beans, Walnuts and Smoked Salmon for the show airing May 16 and a Fava Bean Hummus for May 23. 

For the salad, Lynne chose Russian fingerling potatoes for their sweetness (good stuff!):


And here's the finished product (the smoked salmon adds a savory punch of richness): 

I discovered that the insides of fava bean jackets are plush and soft, like a new baby blanket.

And voila! (the hummus is a dainty spring green from the favas. Lynne also included a radish salad with dill as a garnish.):

I enjoyed watching her transform the kitchen via her styling. She stores a huge variety of serveware and linens in a big closet at her house. I made her promise to let me take a peek (and I promise you I'll bring my camera). Here's some of her work from the shoot.

Accompaniment for the potato salad:

Next to the hummus: 

I also liked this merry display in the background, especially the lemon slices: 

We've developed a bunch of fun new PCC cooking videos, which debuted at our annual membership meeting this spring. Click here to see producer profile videos. And check out PCC on Facebook for even more videos!


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