Taste Test: Take & bake pizza from the PCC deli

I was wandering through the Fremont store the other day when I spied a bunch of PCC take & bake pizzas in a case at the deli. I remembered reading a piece my colleague Lydia wrote about them a couple months back in the Sound Consumer, how they're fresh and $9.99, with an organic crust and sauce plus rBGH-free mozzarella (and there's even a vegan pesto version!). I grabbed one of the PCC Supremes and squeezed it into my cart alongside most of the produce department. 

I wasn't sure what to expect. It looked nice enough, with fresh vegetables, meats and cheese, yet it seemed so thin. My fiance, who despite my chiding still sometimes equates "natural and organic" with "lame and flavorless," peered at it in the fridge but didn't seem especially excited to try it. So there it sat there for a few days as we ate through the rest of our groceries. Finally, on that gorgeous, sunny, I'm-so-glad-it's-finally-May Friday, I popped it in the oven. 

Oh, happy day! 


It turned out to be a pleasant, nicely seasoned, well-balanced Supreme, with a good ratio of meat to vegetables (some Supremes pack on so much meat you run the risk of developing what our friend Danny dubbed "the meat sweats." Never heard of them? You'll know it if it happens to you). This one is topped with organic pepperoni, natural salami, PCC's Italian sausage, roasted mushrooms, onions and peppers. Plus, the peppers are big enough to actually enjoy, unlike those wizened, shriveled bits you wind up with at some pizza places. 

I think everything tastes better when served on china. Even pizza!

I'm excited to try the other flavors: Cheese, pepperoni, roasted vegetable and vegan pesto. Seems like a good way to go when we have "mixed company" at dinner. That's code for friends of different dietary persuasions ;)  


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