Now in our bulk database: Health and beauty items!

If you're minding your pennies like me, buying things like flour, spices, grains and other items in bulk really saves a lot. Beyond cost, it saves on packaging. And I like the freedom to buy the precise amount of fresh cumin, turmeric or thyme I need rather than being stuck with a whole bottle of a seasoning I might not finish before 2012 (Hmm. Perhaps I need to cook even more? LOL).  

Our computer wizard Chris just added health and beauty items available in bulk to our searchable database. Ever curious about some new lotion, shampoo or bath salt but not sure you want to spring for an entire bottle? Buying a bit of it in bulk first is a great way to test drive new lotions and potions.  





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I really like your blog the way you put up the things…I’ve read the topic with great interest.
It's great when someone sees your stuff and gives response!!!
I’ll be a frequent visitor and expecting some more posts in the future.

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