Fresh Forecast: Organic celery supplies tight; Full Circle salad mix by next week

First off, thanks so much to everyone who joined us for the annual membership meeting! Are you already making plans for all the great recipes in the program? I'm planning to bust out the warm roasted asparagus salad asap. 

And now, for our weekly produce report from Joe Hardiman, PCC's produce merchandiser. I sit a few desks down from Joe's office and overhear many an interesting phone conversation. This week, Joe has been muttering on the phone with our suppliers about celery. 

Ever see celery in its growing state? It's fun to see our food before it reaches the produce department, all groomed and lovely:

Anyway, Joe points out that organic celery supplies are tight. The growing regions just shifted north with the warming weather and the celery crop in Bakersfield is still still shy of harvest ready. We're a few weeks out from a bountiful supply, he suspects. 

Did you know 95 percent of the fruits and vegetables in PCC's produce department are organic?

Holy moly. Now I better understand why Joe's constantly on the phone to make sure it keeps coming in, given the growing number of organic produce sections that need to be filled around the country. 

In other news, organic salad mix should arrive from Full Circle Farm by next week. And, PCC and Full Circle soon will use sturdy, recyclable corrugated plastic containers to haul all that produce between farm and store in place of cardboard boxes. Each container lasts at least 75 trips, Joe says. I also learned that PCC and Rent's Due Ranch in Stanwood have done something similar with big plastic tubs. Combined, these various efforts mean less waste. Good to know our farmers keep trying to find new ways to tread lightly.

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