Kids + organic produce = fun

We've been cooing over these adorable cards in the office, each from a different student at Maple Elementary School atop Beacon Hill.

Here's an example of what's inside:

About 95 kids and 170 of their parents played Farmers Market earlier this month (how come we never did this at my school?). The play money was fake but the organic produce the kids "bought" was real -- apples, pears, oranges, aspargaus, broccoli, carrots, lettuce and more,  donated from our stores. It's a project shared by PCC, Seattle/King County Pubic Health and Seattle Public Schools to teach math and nutrition. Van Asselt Elementary will host the next one. 

Who first taught you how to shop, how to select the best head of cabbage or find a good apple? I spent plenty of time watching Mom from my perch in the shopping cart back in the day. I still root through piles of cabbage to find one with a weight that belies its size, a telltale sign of nice thin layers inside, just right to slice up for my killer yakisoba.



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