Earth Day every day

On this Earth Day, five earth-friendly things about PCC I've discovered in my first few weeks:

  • The Edmonds store is a recycling marvel. There are the wall tiles (recycled glass) the countertops (recycled paper and water-based resins) the pipes (recycled copper) and the tables (recycled bamboo). I could go on, but someone already did. Hey, check out that rain garden in the parking lot!
  • You know that handy dandy Seafood Watch pocket guide that advises what's being overfished? No need to fish (ha!) it out of your pocket while shopping, because PCC only carries seafood that's sustainable
  • PCC phased out plastic bags in 2007. 
  • More than 30 years before that, PCC helped start and administer Seattle's first P-Patch program.  
  • And yes, we compost!


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