What's in the kitchen?

All kinds of olives! (plus cherry tomatoes and marinated mushrooms). You never know what will be in the office kitchen awaiting a taste test to help determine what to stock at the stores. 

Looking forward to heading out to the stores in the coming weeks (between doing the rest of my job here!) to share happenings from all around. Which PCC do you shop? You'll find me most often at the Greenlake and Fremont stores, stocking up on Emerald City Salad at the deli. Kale = good stuff. 

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My stores

View Ridge is my primary store, with occasional trips to Fremont and Greenlake.

More food pics!!

Olives are soo goood. I would love to see what else you guys have in your kitchen!

We're working on it!

We love staring at great food pictures, too, matiekiller! ;)


Early on in my pregnancy I craved these olives so bad! Had to eat them all of the time! YUM! Maybe I should work in the office to be able to sample these types of things...hum...

So glad to hear it!

It's so fun hearing of the things mothers-to-be crave. For my mom it was those old-school red, white and blue popsicles. My dad used to buy them for her by the boxful :)

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