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After two months with PCC I can say with authority that no two days are the same. Take Monday for example. I teamed up with Ricardo (our multimedia guru) and Diana (our sustainability chief) for a visit to Ballard Organics, the local soap company that supplies great-smelling foaming hand soaps and more to our stores (note to those with sensitive noses and skin: yes, they carry unscented options). Ben, the owner, walked us through soap making from start to finish. Stay tuned for a video of our adventure! For now, here are some tidbits. 


 The soap kitchen, where the magic happens (thanks Ricardo, for these pix!).

Soap loaves, anyone? They resemble giant erasers in this shot. They cure them for at least one month to give the bars staying power. Did I mention they are a certified-organic soapmaker by the Washington Department of Agriculture? 

And voila! Soap! 


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Soap Making Supplies

It is going to be a fun experience to manufacture the melt and pour soap bases if you are well versant with the right techniques of soap making.

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