2010 fall membership meeting recap | PCC Natural Markets

2010 fall membership meeting recap

Tom Monahan and Karen Gaudette hosted our show with humor and snappy, 1970’s game show attire!

More than 425 PCC members met at St. Demetrios Hall on October 27 celebrating Fair Trade month.

The team who prepared our delicious seasonal, local meal was led by Chef Blake Caldwell of the Kirkland deli and Chef Birgitte Antonsen, one of our PCC Cooks instructors. Banquet manager Jill Edwards supervised the meal service team.

We featured Thundering Hooves grass-fed beef pot roast and offered a lentil shepherd’s pie for vegetarians. We’re happy to share the menu and recipes. [Former] Nutrition educator Leika Suzumura’s report on the ingredient sourcing and nutritional high points is posted. Download PDF

In keeping with the thematic focus of the evening, board chair Julianne Lamsek spoke about the history of the fair trade movement and how the principles of fair trade are consistent with the values our members hold. The entire text of her speech is available. Download PDF

Rebecca Sadinsky, new executive director of the PCC Farmland Trust, updated our members on Trust activities, including news of a first-ever donation to the trust of an organic easement on a farm on Whidbey Island. The donation means that anyone who farms on that land must use organic practices. The Trust typically has to purchase such easements to preserve the farmland.

CEO Tracy Wolpert talked about the continuing evolution of our website and introduced two new video features. “Quick Bites” videos offer tips on selecting and preparing produce favorites and “Meet Our Producers” videos give you a chance to visit some of the farms and manufacturers who supply our stores and learn their stories. Follow the video link at the top of any PCC web page for these and other videos, including “how-to” cooking segments.

Randy Lee, PCC CFO received a standing ovation after CEO Wolpert’s remarks acknowledging Lee’s upcoming 40th anniversary.

Wolpert also recognized the upcoming 40th PCC anniversary of our chief financial officer, Randy Lee. Starting in 1970 as an assistant manager in one of our first stores, Lee has served PCC in several positions over the years including store manager and general manager. He was named chief financial officer in 1998. Lee has served on the PCC Farmland Trust board since its inception. He also serves on the board of the National Co-op Grocers Assn.

We ended the evening with a game show entitled “That’s Fair Trade.” You’ve told us over the past several years that you’d like to learn more about fair trade, about PCC’s commitment to it and about why you should choose fairly traded products.

So, we used the game show as a fun, educational vehicle to give our members more information on this topic. With a panel of three local vendors of fairly traded products and a panel of three PCC merchandisers, we learned quite a bit.

Nathan Palmer-Royston of Theo Chocolate, Olowo-n’djo Tchala of Alaffia Sustainable Skin Care, and Darryl Miller of Fidalgo Bay Coffee participating in “That’s Fair Trade” game show.

Our vendors, Darryl Miller of Fidalgo Bay Coffee, Nathan Palmer-Royston of Theo Chocolate and Olowo-n’djo Tchala of Alaffia Sustainable Skin Care, told us more about their operations and why they are wholeheartedly committed to fair trade.PCC merchandisers, P.J. Cawley, Roxanne Green and Stephanie Steiner helped us learn how PCC makes some of the product decisions it does.

Thanks to the creative talents of staff members Diana Crane, Tom Monahan, Karen Gaudette, Rachel Cowgill, Rachel Welker and the good sportsmanship of our game show panelists, we laughed while we learned.

At the end of the evening, we were able to send our guests home with a little bag of fairly traded goodies thanks to Alaffia, Fidalgo Bay, Theo, Lärabar and Wholesome Sweeteners.

The board thanks everyone who contributed to the success of this wonderful evening!

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