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How our co-op works

PCC was started by a community of people and we maintain our roots by being member-owned and operated. Our members are actually partial owners of our stores.

Members determine bylaws, elect the Board of Trustees each year (an important activity, as the board members represent the interests of the members), and may participate through committees and individual volunteer projects.

And unlike other grocery stores, our profits go directly back into our stores or to the communities we serve!

A co-op in action...

  • PCC members each own an equal part of the co-op (just a $60 investment).
  • PCC members elect other members to serve on the board. The nine board members develop policies to direct the co-op and strive to make sure that PCC provides what you, the members, want.
  • The PCC board hires a CEO to manage the business. (Note that the CEO isn't at the top of the PCC chart!)
  • The CEO hires and oversees PCC staff (who are also members) to take care of the co-op for other members.
  • We use the members' investment to remodel our stores, open new stores, support the community and bring products that our members want to market. We don't use venture capital or IPOs. This is the essence of a community-owned business.
  • PCC Natural Markets supports local events, projects and community-based organizations. We use our charitable giving program to add to the quality of life in our area through donations to local causes that share our company values.

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