Excerpt from Management's Report

March 2012

This is an excerpt from Management's report to the board on its interpretation of and compliance with one of our Ends policies based on 2011 activity.

Ends Policy C: PCC has a local focus

Interpretation: Management interprets Ends Policy C to mean that PCC's retail business focuses primarily on the Puget Sound region for its customer base, giving preference to producers, suppliers, community organizations and other partners located in or near our market area.

For the purposes of store locations, "local" is within a reasonable distance of PCC's current stores and within the Puget Sound (mostly King and Snohomish counties) region. For procurement purposes, "local" is equivalent to "Northwest" and encompasses the states of Washington and Oregon and southern British Columbia. Supporting a "local focus" does not preclude doing business with non-local organizations when doing so better serves our membership and the long-term well being of PCC.

Compliance Indicators

  • Store Locations — PCC has not actively pursued expansion of its market area beyond the greater Seattle metropolitan area. We have confined our research concerning potential store sites to neighborhoods in the region that overlap or complement the trade areas already served by PCC.
  • 2011 did bring about the signing of a lease for PCC's tenth store that will anchor a new development called Green Lake Village. It is scheduled for completion sometime in late 2013.
  • Product Sourcing — PCC merchandisers always give preference to local products, unless for reasons of quality or availability they need to choose products from farther away. Even in our wine department more than half of our domestic selections are from Washington and Oregon.
  • In recent years our management team has debated how our co-op might redefine — if at all — what "local" means for procurement purposes. Our merchandisers equate "local" with "Northwest," meaning within the geographic boundaries of Washington, Oregon and southern British Columbia.

Management reports compliance on Ends C.

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