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PCC's annual election

Recruiting for the 2015 board election

The 2014-2015 nominating committee has had its organizing meeting and has begun the recruiting effort for the 2015 board election. Julie Tempest was selected to serve as this year’s chair. The other members of the committee are Karen Gaudette Brewer, Janet Hietter, Leanne Skooglund Hofford and Sara Walsh. Our bylaws mandate that one of the board members serves on the committee and Carol Binder will fill that role this year.

The committee approved its work plan, the board applications (new and incumbent) and set October 14, 2014 as the deadline for applications and resumes. The committee also reviewed the questions they will use to interview the current board and management to learn about board dynamics and issues that will face the board this year.

Committee chair Julie Tempest is excited about the job ahead. “The Nominating Committee is tasked with recruiting, interviewing and selecting highly qualified PCC members to run for the Board of Trustees. I gained a deep understanding of PCC’s Policy GovernanceŽ model, board leadership, membership values and the long-term vision of the co-op during my service on the PCC board from 2004-2009. This experience provided me with valuable insights for developing the criteria and selection process for new board candidates. My fellow committee members are similarly experienced and committed to PCC’s values. I feel confident that this process will produce a slate of very capable candidates for the PCC membership to consider.”

Take a look at our first recruiting ad and please contact with any questions or to request an application packet.

About PCC's annual election

A nine-member board of trustees directs PCC. Trustees serve three-year terms. There are three open trustee positions each year. An election is held each srping to fill those positions. The 2015 election dates are April 28 thru May 14.

Members of the 2014-2015 nominating committee: (l-r) Julie Tempest and Janet Hietter.
Members of the 2014-2015 nominating committee: (l-r) Julie Tempest and Janet Hietter.

The membership also selects a nominating committee in the annual election, choosing up to six members who serve for one year. The nominating committee recruits, screens and presents a slate of candidates to the membership for consideration in each annual election. The bylaws also provide a mechanism for candidates to be nominated by petition.

All active members may vote in all PCC elections. In addition to the annual elections, members may also vote on member initiatives or amendments to the articles or bylaws.

Quorums for all elections are set forth in PCC's Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws, Section V, Paragraph 4.


If you have questions about the PCC elections, please contact Janice Parker at 206-547-1222, ext. 126, or e-mail:

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