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2012 nominating committee candidates

The nominating committee’s responsibilities are to recruit and screen candidates for PCC’s Board of Trustees. Committee members are elected for one year.

Below are the candidates for the 2012 election:

Tom Monahan

This past year I’ve had the honor to serve on PCC’s nominating committee, an experience I’ve found very rewarding.

I’ve worked at PCC on a variety of projects, programs and events for eight years, first as part of our Community Relations team, now as Marketing Manager. All this time I thought knew the co-op inside and out, but my understanding has grown tremendously with my service on the nominating committee.

Before my tenure at PCC, I worked five years at Woodland Park Zoo in event production and earned a B.A. in Business Administration from Seattle University. My experience in the grocery business even dates back to my youth: throughout high school and college I worked my way up from courtesy clerk to frozen food manager at a major grocery store.

PCC continues on an incredible path of growth and is a cherished community resource. By maintaining and appointing strong leadership, I believe PCC can continue to achieve success, as well as set new standards for the natural and organic food industries.

Mary Simon

I retired from Lucent Technologies where I was an ombudsman, working as a neutral to resolve disputes in the work place. My experience with negotiation, conflict resolution and organizational development was helpful when I was elected to the PCC Board of Trustees in 2003. I served a full 3-year term, becoming Chair of the PCC board in my third year. Because we were in the process of moving to Kingston, I did not run for a second term.

In 2007 I was asked to fill an open spot on the nominating committee. I continued to serve for 2 more years. After a year away, I returned to the nominating committee last year and look forward to joining the committee again this year.

PCC is a unique organization which serves members, customers, staff and the community. As a member of the nominating committee, I will be looking for potential trustees who understand PCC’s commitment to provide pure, healthy food in an environmentally responsible way and want to further PCC’s success in this market. It is an honor to serve this organization and I look forward to being a part of the nominating/ trustee selection process.

Julie Tempest

I had the privilege of serving on the PCC Board of Trustees from 2004-2009, including one year as board chair, during an exciting time for membership growth, new store openings and record sales. The downturn in our economy has presented new challenges, but PCC will ensure its future success through effective staff and board leadership, retention of the co-op’s values and fulfilling the needs of our membership.

A well-structured board is essential to supporting the work of the staff, preserving the co-op’s values and shaping the future of PCC. I would like to serve on the 2012-13 nominating committee to identify qualified candidates that will support the board in the long term. I gained an understanding of the skills and experiences that positively contribute to the board through my service as a trustee and as chair of the board.

I have career experience in public policy, business management, and marketing consulting for the organic and natural products industry and I hold a Master of Business Administration from the University of Washington.

Thank you for considering me for service on the Nominating Committee.

Janet Hietter

I value and admire PCC’s cooperative business model and triple-bottom line approach and want the cooperative to continue to thrive in our community. I think we need more businesses with such a commitment to sustainability, natural and human resources.

Trustees to the Board are important in setting the long range vision of PCC and promoting its continued success. As a member of the nominating committee I would assist in recruiting, interviewing and selecting board candidates for presentation to PCC membership. This is a function I performed in three previous years and would enthusiastically welcome serving again.

My prior work experience includes 4 years owning and operating a small organic clothing business and 18 years in human resources management in University and technology settings. As a senior human resources director, I provided guidance and counsel to executives on organizational and leadership issues, and managed a team in delivering human resources services for 7500 employees. Services included compensation, training and development, employee relations, performance management and recruiting.

My education includes Executive Leadership Program at Seattle University, B.A. from The Ohio State University, and Certified Compensation Professional.

I would like to contribute to PCC and share my skills and experience by serving on the nominating committee.

Visionary leadership from our board and nominating committee members will play a major role in the success of our co-op in the coming years.

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