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2011 nominating committee candidates

The nominating committee’s responsibilities are to recruit and screen candidates for PCC’s Board of Trustees. Committee members are elected for one year.

Below are the candidates for the 2011 election:

Tom Monahan

The opportunity to participate in our co-op, by serving on the nominating committee, is simply exhilarating. PCC has been a huge part of my life for more than six years; I started working for the co-op back in August 2004.

From organizing large events, including our Healthy Living Fair, to working on the recent redesign of PCC's website, serving our co-op has been extremely rewarding and educational. I believe these experiences can benefit the nominating committee, the board and the entire co-op.

My background includes six years of employment with PCC (community relations and marketing); five years working for the Woodland Park Zoo (event production); and a B.A. in Business Administration from Seattle University. My experience in the grocery business even dates back to my youth. Throughout high school and college, I worked my way up from courtesy clerk to frozen food manager at a major grocery store.

PCC has experienced tremendous growth during the past two decades — even during these tough economic times. By maintaining and appointing strong leadership, I believe PCC can continue to achieve success and growth, as well as set new standards in natural and organic foods.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Rick Riehle

If elected again, this will be my third and final year of service on the nominating committee. Again last year I was impressed with the quality of the candidates, the dedication of my fellow committee members, and PCC's commitment to improve with every election cycle.

The members of the board nominating committee are among only a few PCC members who have the opportunity to meet with all of the candidates, discuss their plans and intentions with regard to the cooperative, vet their backgrounds and assess their potential contribution. Ideally new board members should complement existing board members. They should bring additional skills and fresh perspectives, yet they should understand who we are and what we're about.

I have attended most of the PCC board meetings during the last many years and I have a sense of the strengths and personalities of our existing board. We have an excellent board at PCC and I will continue to apply my best judgment in cooperation with the other members of the nominating committee to ensure that it remains strong.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mary Simon

PCC is unique and important in the food industry today. PCC's employees, its position as a co-op, its focus on organics, on local food, on creating national standards to protect our food supply, on education and its attention to interactions with members, are all reasons to join and support PCC.

In 2001, I retired from Lucent Technologies where I had been an ombudsperson. For seventeen years in that role, I worked as a neutral to solve disputes in the workplace. My experience in negotiation, conflict resolution, and organizational development was helpful when I was elected to the PCC Board of Trustees in 2003. I served a full three-year term and was elected Board Chair in my third year. Unfortunately, due to travel commitments, I was unable to accept the nomination for another Board term.

I was delighted, however, to be able to continue my service to PCC by serving on the Nominating Committee in 2007-2009. After a year's break, I would welcome the opportunity to become a part of the trustee selection process again.

Chantal Stevens

I have had the pleasure and great honor of serving my full three terms as an elected trustee on the PCC board, including two years as board chair, and am coming back for a second year on the nominating committee.

Over the last decade, PCC has gone from being financially in the red to having nine thriving stores, and being widely recognized and respected as a leader in nutrition and food quality and a supporter of sustainable food production. This success is the result not only of PCC's exceptional management and staff but also of a common vision and agenda shared by the board and CEO. The nominating committee has been and will continue playing a crucial role in presenting to the membership a choice of highly qualified candidates that will excel at board work and will continue leading the co-op on the extraordinary journey it has travelled.

Over the last 20 years I have been involved continuously in promoting sustainability, environmental protection, civic engagement and performance management in the public and nonprofit sectors through my work and service on a variety of boards and commissions.

Thank you for considering me for this pivotal role.

Visionary leadership from our board and nominating committee members will play a major role in the success of our co-op in the coming years.

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