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2010 nominating committee candidates

The PCC annual election was held April 27 to May 20.

The nominating committee’s responsibilities are to recruit and screen candidates for PCC’s Board of Trustees. Committee members are elected for one year.

Below are the candidates for the 2010 election:

Diana Crane

In good times or bad, a qualified, informed and committed board of trustees is essential for PCC's ongoing success. As elected representatives of our membership, board members are entrusted with the tremendous responsibility of guiding how, when and where our co-op grows and prospers. The opportunity to take part in the nomination of board candidates, knowing that three will be chosen to serve and guide PCC for a three-year term, also is a responsibility - and an honor.

I have had that honor for the past two years. Each year my committee colleagues and I were charged with evaluating the skills, talents and motives of candidates and with trying to imagine what combinations of their qualifications and attributes would bring balance, strength and diversity to our board. As a staff member and a PCC shopper, I have found the experience of vetting candidates for consideration by our members to be both challenging and rewarding. I look forward to a third opportunity to serve PCC in this important capacity.

Janet Hietter

I value and admire PCC's cooperative business model and triple-bottom line approach and want the cooperative to continue to thrive in our community. We need more businesses with such a commitment to sustainability, natural and human resources.

The trustees are important in setting the long-range vision of PCC and in ensuring its continued success. I would be honored to serve a third year on the nominating committee to assist in recruiting and selecting potential board candidates.

My background includes 18 years in human resources management at The Ohio State University, Battelle Memorial Institute and Microsoft, where my last corporate role was human resources director. More recently I owned and operated a small organic clothing business. In 2009 I completed the Executive Leadership Program at Seattle University, and currently I am acting in local theatre and film productions.

I welcome the opportunity to share my skills, experience and commitment to PCC through continued service on the nominating committee.

Don Nordness

I've worked in the natural foods industry for more than 20 years and have in the past served on the board of directors of a co-op food distributor here in the Pacific Northwest.

PCC makes a unique contribution to our community. From the goods and services the stores provide to programs such as PCC Cooks, to support for community organizations such as PCC Farmland Trust, the co-op has an impact unlike any other organization in the greater Seattle area.

For this reason, it is very important that we seek leaders with a strong understanding of business practices as well as a commitment to building a healthy, sustainable environment. It's also important to select candidates with the specific skills to complement and enhance the makeup of our board today and in years to come. I would like to help secure this kind of expertise and commitment for PCC. I have served on the nominating committee during the past two years and it would be an honor to do so this year.

Rick Riehle

2009 was my first year of service on the nominating committee. I was impressed with the quality of the candidates, the dedication of my fellow committee members, and the procedures and protocols we use at PCC to improve.

Ideally, new board members should complement returning board members. New board members should bring additional skills and fresh perspectives, yet they should understand who we are and what we're about. The members of the nominating committee are among only a few PCC members who have the opportunity to meet with all of the candidates, discuss their plans and intentions with regard to the cooperative, vet their backgrounds and assess their potential contribution.

I have attended most of the PCC board meetings during the last several years and I have a sense of the strengths and personalities of our current board. We have an excellent board at PCC and I will continue to apply my best judgment in cooperation with the other members of the nominating committee to ensure that it remains strong.

Chantal Stevens

I have had the pleasure and great honor to serve my full three terms as an elected trustee on the PCC board, including two years as board chair. This gives me a unique perspective to help the nominating committee seek and identify qualified and talented board members who will continue leading the co-op on the extraordinary journey the organization has travelled over the last decade.

PCC has gone from being financially in the red to now having nine thriving stores throughout the region and being widely recognized and respected as a leader in nutrition and food quality and supporter of sustainable food production. This success is the result not only of its exceptional management and staff but also of the common vision and agenda between board and CEO, making the role of the nominating committee a crucial piece in this effort.

My background includes five years as executive director of Sustainable Seattle and eight years as manager of the Muckleshoot Tribe's Environmental Division. I currently lead a public engagement program for King County, serve on various boards and commissions and co-founded Sustainable Issaquah.

Thank you for considering me for this pivotal role.

Visionary leadership from our board and nominating committee members will play a major role in the success of our co-op in the coming years.

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