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PCC's 2015 annual election

Begins April 28 and ends May 18

board candidates
(l-r) Maggie Lucas, Sandy Voit, Jason Filippini, Michael Hutchings

Put the annual meeting on your calendar

April 28, 5:30 p.m., St. Demetrios Hall

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The annual meeting will be your first chance to talk in person with this year's candidates. Each will talk briefly about why they want to serve on our board. You'll have an opportunity after the meeting to chat briefly with them.

The 2015 candidates are:

  • Maggie Lucas (parent, attorney), incumbent, current board chair
  • Sandy Voit (divorce financial planner), incumbent
  • Jason Filippini (senior director of finance at The Seattle Times)
  • Michael Hutchings (business and social purpose attorney, partner at DLA Piper)

The 2015 board election dates are April 28 through May 18. You will receive your printed candidate information and your ballot inside your home-delivered May Sound Consumer. You'll be able to vote at the annual meeting, at all PCC stores and the PCC office beginning April 28.

Our members want extra time to consider the candidates who are asking for their votes. To help members acquaint themselves with this great slate, our candidates will videotape statements that we'll publish on our website by March 19. The postings are designed to give our members an early chance to think about the candidates before voting.

The candidates will discuss:

  1. why they want to serve on the board,
  2. what they think makes PCC a different kind of business, and
  3. what skills or experience they will bring to the board.

If you have any questions for our candidates, please come to the annual meeting or e-mail board@pccnaturalmarkets.com and we'll forward them to the nominating committee. They'll try to get your questions answered and we'll post them on our website during the election.

Seeing and hearing the candidates really helps members feel more connected to the process and confident about voting. So, do plan to attend the annual meeting and browse the election material on our website after March 19. All members who are active as of March 31 will be eligible to vote in the 2015 board election.

Votes will be counted on May 20 at the co-op business office at 2 p.m.

About PCC's annual election

A nine-member board of trustees directs PCC. Trustees serve three-year terms. There are three open trustee positions each year. An election is held each srping to fill those positions. The 2015 election dates are April 28 thru May 14.

Members of the 2014-2015 nominating committee: (l-r) Julie Tempest and Janet Hietter.
Members of the 2014-2015 nominating committee: (l-r) Julie Tempest and Janet Hietter.

The membership also selects a nominating committee in the annual election, choosing up to six members who serve for one year. The nominating committee recruits, screens and presents a slate of candidates to the membership for consideration in each annual election. The bylaws also provide a mechanism for candidates to be nominated by petition.

All active members may vote in all PCC elections. In addition to the annual elections, members may also vote on member initiatives or amendments to the articles or bylaws.

Quorums for all elections are set forth in PCC's Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws, Section V, Paragraph 4.


If you have questions about the PCC elections, please contact Janice Parker at 206-547-1222, ext. 126, or e-mail:

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