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Board report

The PCC board and new CEO Cate Hardy
The PCC board and new CEO Cate Hardy are pictured at the January board meeting. (l-r, seated) Bruce Williams, Carol Binder, Karen May, Taso Lagos (l-r, standing) John Sheller, Cate Hardy, Maggie Lucas, Sandy Voit, Stephen Tan and Julianne Lamsek.

The board met March 31 and heard a report from PCC's independent auditor on the 2014 financial audit. The annual report with 2014 financials now is available on our website and in our stores. The board also discussed plans for the annual meeting.

Management presented monitoring reports on 2014 operations toward achievement of PCC's Ends policies. Excerpts of the reports will be published on our website and in the Sound Consumer in August.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be Tuesday, May 26 at 5 p.m. at the co-op office. Member comment period is at 7 p.m.

Next board meeting

The next board meeting will be on May 26 at the business office at 5 p.m. Member comment period is at 6 p.m. Member comments are limited to 3 minutes unless additional time is previously approved by the board chair.

2014-2015 nominating committee report

The chair and several members of the committee want to share with members some thoughts as they conclude their work on next year’s slate. The committee thanks the members who applied for board service and they encourage members to look for information on the candidates during the next few months.

The nominating committee was very pleased with the caliber of applications we received for the 2015 election cycle. It was an honor to meet several dedicated PCC members interested in serving on the board of trustees to hear about their personal values, qualifications and experience. We have selected a slate of candidates that best complements the existing board and that we feel will make excellent contributions to the board’s work in the coming years. — Julie Tempest, committee chair

This is my first year being on the nominating committee. The process has been a great learning experience and the interested parties that we have had the pleasure of interviewing have been top-notch. PCC is lucky to draw such talented applicants. — Sara Walsh

This was my first year serving on the nominating committee and I’m thankful to my former colleagues at PCC who encouraged me to volunteer my time. I’ve felt so inspired getting to meet the great number of people who share our passion for sustainable foods and PCC’s long-term health. It speaks to the strength of the co-op’s mission and shared sense of purpose that so many extraordinary members of our community are drawn to serve on the board of trustees. — Karen Gaudette Brewer

2014 CCMA

Three PCC trustees, Maggie Lucas, Karen May and Sandy Voit, attended the annual Consumer Cooperative Management Association (CCMA) held in Madison, WI in early June. At CCMA, speakers and trainers from outside the food co-op sector supplement the contributions of local and national co-ops. The CCMA attendees are primarily managers, staff and board members of food co-ops, although other types of co-ops were also represented. There were more than 500 attendees from approximately 140 co-ops.

Organic Valley CCMA tour
Maggie Lucas and Karen May (second and third from left) are shown on the Krusenbaum dairy farm in Walworth County, Wisconsin

There were two full days of workshops (ten tracks offered at six sessions) on ensuring food access, developing leaders, strategic thinking, growth/expansion, and governance. There also was a day of educational tours, from local food co-ops to the Krusenbaum family dairy farm (a member of the Organic Valley Cooperative).

Lucas noted, "I came away from this half-day tour amazed at the complexity of managing a dairy herd under the organic standards and so grateful that there are famers willing to do this challenging work. We learned about the homeopathic remedies used by the vets who care for these animals, the micro-hornets and grazing rotation used to help reduce the pesky fly population, and the ultra high level of care taken to test the products for highest quality."

"The Organic Valley Cooperative embodies the cooperative principles we want to support," Lucas continued. "It requires all members of its highest leadership to be participating farmers, and chooses those leaders via democratic vote. Standards and policies likewise allow input from all the co-op's members and are rigorously enforced. Member farmers are guaranteed a fair price for their product in advance, which is a tremendous benefit in an industry so much at the mercy of the market. Organic Valley is a great example of cooperative principles in action bringing a valuable product to consumers. As a PCC member I’m proud that we partner with Organic Valley, and I feel lucky to have this choice when I shop."

The annual conference is rotated annually among East/Central/West regions. Next year the conference will be in Boise, ID.

Contact the board

E-mail us at Postal mail should go to the co-op office at 4201 Roosevelt Way N.E., Seattle, Wash., 98105.

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