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Welcome to our "Learn" section, where you'll find information about your favorite foods and how they're grown and produced, tips for healthy living, guidance on how we can help our environment, and more.

Learn how PCC advocates on behalf of consumers for a healthy, sustainable food system. Find helpful hints about special diets. Meet the men and women who produce the food and products you find on our shelves.

sound consumer

Helpful resources include:

  • PCC Taste — Our monthly publication celebrating all things food. Find seasonal products and recipes, local producer spotlights, cooking advice, nutrition tips and many other delicious ideas.
  • Sound Consumer — Our monthly journal dedicated to informing and educating members and the public about the intersections of food agriculture and the environment, along wiht consumer concerns and co-op principles.
  • Producer Profiles — A collection of stories and background about the men and women who fill our stores with their beautiful produce, meats, dairy and body care products.
  • PCC Farmland Trust — A nonprofit land trust founded in 1999 by PCC Natural Markets that has preserved 1.306 acres from development.

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