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To join PCC online, please read the PCC Membership Agreement below. After accepting the Membership Agreement, you will be prompted to approve and submit the Membership Payment Form that follows. We will send you your new membership card along with a form for you to sign.

If you would like to purchase a membership as a gift, call the PCC office at 206-547-1222 and ask for Membership.

To join, you'll pay a one-time fee of $60, plus a $2 handling fee. Your PCC membership is fully refundable.

You may also join with our payment plan of $6 quarterly, just visit one of our stores or call the PCC office. After receiving your membership, future quarterly payments can be made online.

Visit member benefits, to learn more about PCC and the value of a lifetime membership to our co-op.

A membership for a lifetime

This is our capital, a fund of money that helps us make improvements in our stores. The more member capital we have, the more we can offer our members. PCC members keep their money within their local economy, benefiting local sustainable agriculture and embracing consumer cooperation.


Please read and click the "I agree" button below.

  • I am applying for lifetime membership in PCC Natural Markets under the conditions and policies stated in the introductory brochure and the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of PCC, as they may change from time to time by action of the membership or the Board of Trustees.
  • I understand that a membership must be in the name of one individual only. I also understand that other persons living in my household may use my membership card to shop at PCC, but this does not confer voting rights upon them.
  • I understand that, except as provided by rules adopted by the Board of Trustees, my membership is not transferable.
  • I understand that all payments to my membership account remain my sole property during my lifetime.
  • I understand that my membership shall terminate automatically upon my death and that at that time the balance in my membership account shall revert automatically to PCC.
  • I understand that I may resign this membership at any time during my lifetime, and that the membership account refund will be sent to me only, at least 90 days after resignation.
  • I agree that all debts owed by me to PCC older than 30 days may be charged, at PCC’s option, against my membership account.

You may also join...

  • By visiting any of our stores and filling out our New Join and Member Maintenance Form.
  • By downloading and printing the New Join and
    Member Maintenance Form 
    . Fill it out in advance and take it to any of our stores for processing.

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