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Member benefits — they add up!


The equation to a happy membership...

Save 10 percent on the shopping trip of your choice each month
Look for your 10 percent off coupon on page two of your home delivered Sound Consumer. Bring your coupon and member card to any PCC store on the shopping trip of your choice and save 10 percent.


Save 5 percent on the 15th and 16th of the month
On the 15th and 16th of each month, PCC members save 5 percent on all their purchases when they shop and show their membership card in our stores.


Discounts on PCC Cooks classes
Enjoy discounts on more than 1,000 classes offered annually in our six fully equipped kitchen classrooms. Register by phone, fax, mail or online.


Vote in our annual election
Active members help guide PCC by voting in PCC’s elections. The annual election determines PCC’s nine member board of trustees and nominating committee.


Receive the Sound Consumer
All active members of PCC receive free monthly delivery of our Sound Consumer newspaper — a great, local source for food, nutrition, health and wellness news — as well as the coupon for your 10 percent discounted shopping trip.

Equals a lifetime of fresh, natural and organic foods from a valued, local co-op

Your PCC membership:

  • Strengthens our advocacy for high-quality food standards.
  • Supports local organic farmers, bringing you the freshest, most delicious produce available. We also partner with the PCC Farmland Trust, an independent, non-profit land trust dedicated to preserving local, organic farmland.
  • Supports your local community. A portion of the money members spend in our stores is given back to the ten neighborhoods in which our stores operate.
  • Makes you a co-owner of the nation's largest natural foods retail co-op and a local institution in the Puget Sound area since 1953.

Thank you for your membership!

Not a member? Join now!

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Information on member discounts

Only one PCC discount applies to a member purchase:

  • Members receive 10% case discount, unless they are using their monthly 10% Member Bonus coupon. In this situation they would only receive the 10% Member Bonus discount.*
  • On the 15th and 16th case orders should be rung separately without a member card scan if the member wants the 10% case discount.*
  • Members that purchase four bottles or more of wine will receive 10% off their entire wine purchase. Additional member discounts will not be applied.

*Case discount applies to all merchandise sold in "straight" case lots, and in mixed lots if it is the member's intention to purchase mixed items in case quantity.