King Conservation District proposal support letter | PCC Natural Markets

King Conservation District proposal support letter

July 23, 2014

Bill Knutsen
King Conservation District
1107 SW Grady Way
Suite 130
Renton, Wash. 98057

Dear Mr. Knutsen,

PCC Natural Markets is very pleased to hear about the King Conservation District’s proposed plans to support a sustainable, local food system.

Nine of our 10 stores are in King County and a good part of our mission is to support access to high quality, healthful food that is fairly priced, and to have a local focus in our business. It’s exciting to see the District’s attention on funding fully a focused program for regional food systems and sustainable agriculture, rural and urban farm plans, shoreline and riparian management — and with landowner incentives.

PCC Natural Markets believes there are many ways a vibrant local food economy serves to anchor stable, healthy communities. The Conservation District’s coordinated approach to strengthen regional food systems will help ensure our regional food security, especially in the decades ahead as more severe weather from climate change challenges current models of how and where food is grown.

We look forward to working with King Conservation District toward these common goals.


Randy Lee,
Interim CEO