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Top 10 reasons to buy organic

  1. Organic food tastes great!
    It's common sense — well-balanced soil grows strong, healthy plants that taste better.
  2. Organic food is more nutritious.
    On average, organic food contains higher levels of vitamins, minerals and important phytonutrients.
  3. Organic food is safer.
    Studies show that children who switch to an organic diet dramatically reduce the level of pesticides in their bodies.
  4. Organic standards prohibit toxic chemicals.
    Neurotoxic solvents, carcinogenic fumigants and genetically engineered organisms are strictly prohibited in organic food production.
  5. Organic standards are humane.
    Organic animals are guaranteed access to sunshine and fresh air outdoors and enjoy a 100 percent pure, organic diet. They're never given artificial hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.
  6. Organic farms protect water quality.
    By eliminating toxic chemicals and building the health of the soil, organic farmers prevent chemical run-off.
  7. Organic producers protect biodiversity.
    Organic farmers use scientific seed selection techniques and seed saving to preserve biodiversity and develop new varieties for local microclimates.
  8. Organic farmers increase food security.
    Most organic farms are small, family farms under 100 acres, and many save their own locally adapted seeds, suitable for local microclimates.
  9. Organic methods are critical for climate control.
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture determined that organic farming methods produce soils that sequester more carbon than no-till farm systems.
  10. Organic can feed the world.
    Scientists and civic leaders in 57 nations have agreed that agroecological methods — not biotechnology — are the best hope for feeding a growing population.

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