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PCC is a certified organic retailer

PCC's USDA organic certification label

Being a "Certified Organic" retailer means that PCC provides an extra level of assurance to consumers — that the integrity of organic products is ensured from the farm to your shopping cart.

It means that when you shop for organic products in our stores, you know the USDA Organic Rules have been followed in the way we handle, store and sell them — verified by a third-party, independent paper trail.

Certified organic retailer practices:

  • Storewide and departmental procedures keep organic and non-organic products separate, including separate storage, preparation and display.
  • Procedures prevent co-mingling of organic and non-organic products when receiving, washing and storing produce.
  • Produce is trimmed using tools designated only for organic foods.
  • Organic products are protected from contacting restricted substances such as cleaning and pest control products.
  • Organic products are labeled in a way that clearly differentiates them from non-organic products.
  • Accurate records are maintained on organic handling procedures and vendor relationships.

Every PCC staff member is trained on the basics of product storage, handling, cleaning and sanitation procedures. PCC stores are scent-free facilities, meaning none of the staff wears perfume or other chemical-based personal care products, and staff uses only cleaning and sanitizing substances that meet the new USDA National Organic Standards. All stores are actively monitored to ensure compliance.

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