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Pastured meat and dairy


Many scientific studies show that pasture-raised livestock is healthier for animals, consumers, the environment and communities than animals raised in confinement.

Pasturing improves their health, reduces environmental damage, and yields meat, eggs and dairy products that are tastier and more nutritious than foods produced in confinement.

In 2010 the USDA announced a voluntary standard for labeling grass-fed meat. USDA organic standards require all organic meat and dairy products to be pastured.

Choosing pasture-raised and pasture-finished also eliminates any concern about Mad cow disease/BSE.

Featured in PCC Sound ConsumerHarvesting Sunlight: Cows, Grass and Climate Change

Read how Joel Huesby of Thundering Hooves produces 100 percent grass-fed and pasture-finished meats in the Walla Walla Valley of Washington state.

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