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Get involved

Host a kitchen conversation. Download a volunteer kit.

Or just get in touch with the Yeson522 campaign to see what might fit your level of support for I-522.

Kitchen conversations

Have some people over, eat food, and talk about I-522, our state initiative to label genetically engineered foods. You’re hosting a kitchen conversation!

Kitchen Conversations are a fun way to talk about our freedom to choose what we buy and eat. Engage your family, friends and neighbors with a special kit that walks you through everything you need to know — and do — to organize a successful event to help support I-522. Campaign staff is available for guidance and support. Visit Yes on 522 to sign up.

Volunteer kits

For a volunteer kit, visit This kit includes conversation starters, handouts for volunteers, donation forms, and all you need to begin talking with friends and family.

For more on how to get involved, visit

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