GE labeling: what's next?

Even though I-522, Washington’s initiative to label genetically engineered foods, failed to pass, other national and state labeling efforts continue.

Vermont’s Senate has taken up a bill passed by the state House, 99 to 42, last year. In Oregon, advocates are readying an initiative for November 2014. Additional labeling efforts are underway in New Hampshire, Illinois, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Florida.

With or without a labeling law, PCC has pledged to label genetically engineered foods in our stores by 2018.

Attempts to pre-empt labeling

The number one donor to the campaign against labeling, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), is working for a federal ban against mandatory labeling. Partly redacted documents filed with the Washington attorney general’s office show GMA has a three-year plan to stop labeling efforts in states across the country.

The documents show GMA is lining up cash for "a long-range funding mechanism." A total of $11million from GMA members, funneled to the No on I-522 campaign through an illegal slush fund, was spent on influencing the election. The state Attorney General is suing GMA for damages.

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