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Hello, welcome to PCC Advocates!

From time to time, as events warrant, PCC engages in advocating public policies that support sustainable food and agricultural systems.

We often communicate with local, state and federal legislators to share our opinions about a wide range of topics — from genetic modification to organic standards to food safety.

Now you can chime in! PCC Advocates will keep you informed about current controversies and will help you to take action to ensure a healthy, sustainable future for food.

Here's a little something to get you started...

A back-door effort to sell public waters for fish farming now is before officials in Washington D.C., despite Congress repeatedly rejecting such proposals. Learn how ocean fish farming harms the environment and coastal communities and send a letter to oppose it.

Let us know if you have a particular concern or would like to see us address a certain topic. We always value your feedback and support.

Thank you,
Trudy Bialic and Eli Penberthy
PCC Public Affairs

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