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puget sound

Puget Sound needs your help! Polluted runoff is threatening the marine food chain, from mussels to salmon and seals. Millions of gallons of petroleum and chemicals wash into it each year, but we can help change the tide.

Rainwater picks up oil in driveways and roads, as well as toxins, pesticides, fertilizers and bacteria from pet waste and livestock. It flows down ditches and storm drains into our streams and rivers and eventually flushes into Puget Sound.

Scientists estimate that 75 percent of the toxic chemicals entering the Sound - about 140,000 pounds each day - are carried by stormwater runoff.

"As a result, we have 21 species listed as threatened or endangered, more than 500 Puget Sound rivers, streams and lakes that exceed water-quality standards, and dozens of beaches closed due to pollution," say Sen. Kevin Ranker (D-San Juan) and David Dicks, executive director of Puget Sound Partnership. Puget Sound Partnership has developed an Action Agenda for helping Puget Sound recover.

What can you do?

Small actions make a difference.

Avoid using pesticides and fertilizers in your yard and garden, take your car to a commercial car wash and get oil leaks fixed, pick up dog poop and place it in the trash, and use natural cleaning products at home. Learn more about volunteer opportunities and other ways to help from these organizations:

Also, the Washington Toxics Coalition has created a petition you can sign to support a strong version of the Safe Chemicals Act of 2010. It asks Washington's members of Congress to protect wildlife and the health of our waterways from toxic chemicals.

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Thank you,
Trudy Bialic and Eli Penberthy
PCC Public Affairs

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