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March 15, 2012

Dear Advocate,

Help improve the living conditions of egg-laying chickens across the country! Ask our elected representatives to support a bill before Congress to double the living space required for egg-laying chickens.

The United Egg Producers (UEP) and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reached an historic agreement last summer to work together on the bill to address the confinement of laying hens coast-to-coast. In exchange for UEP's pledge to address chicken welfare nationally, The HSUS dropped a Washington state ballot initiative that would have made all laying hens in Washington cage-free.

The bill would enable chickens to express natural behaviors such as nesting and perching, as well as ban starvation molting. It also would require egg carton labels to identify whether eggs are from hens raised in cages, cage-free, or free-range.

Please call your U.S. Representative and our U.S. Senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, and ask them to support H.R. 3798, the Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments of 2012.

Look up your Representative's phone number here.

Call Sen. Maria Cantwell at 202-224-3441.

Call Senator Patty Murray at 202-224-2621.

You also may email legislators through the HSUS website.

Thank you,
PCC Public Affairs

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