Rib roast

rib roast

We offer holiday roasts from two distinct producers: PCC Grass-fed and Country Natural Beef. When planning your pickup dates, please note that all stores are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How much to buy?

Plan on one rib for every two to three people, but scale this average up or down to suit the appetites of your friends and family.

PCC Grass-fed

(available for pick up December 16 to 31)

100 percent grass-fed in the Northwest, a lower fat content means that this roast cooks a bit faster and has a recognizably different density when compared with grain-finished beef. Make the most of this traditional, flavorful beef by giving it a good sear, followed by a low roasting temperature. Each rib weighs 2 to 2 1/2 pounds. $12.99/lb.

Country Natural Beef

(available for pick up December 16 to 31)

Range-grazed by a cooperative of family ranchers, this beef is finished on a hormone- and antibiotic-free mixture of grain, hay and cooked potatoes. These roasts are well marbled, with plenty of rich beefiness, and you can get beautiful results from a large variety of cooking methods. Each rib weighs 2 to 2 1/2 pounds. $10.99/lb.


Cook your Country Natural Beef rib roast to perfection with our recipe for Prime Rib of Beef.

For PCC Grass-fed Beef roasts, we suggest a slight variation. Try this recipe for Grass-fed Prime Rib of Beef.

While this gravy is vegan, its rich flavor from chanterelles, sherry and toasted flour makes it a perfect match with beef.

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